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You’re driving, whether it’s smooth riding or bumper to bumper traffic, that feeling you get when your
song comes on makes all things better. For the ladies it may be a Mary J Joint, Jill Scott or Beyonce for
the fellas it may be Jay Z, Tupac or Biggie. Either way the world seems to calm down when you are in
that zone.
Cleaning your house and your listening to one of “The Shows”, you laugh to yourself and talk back to the
radio as if they could hear you, then you quietly laugh to yourself again. You want to pick up the phone
and join the conversation. The hosts become your friends in your head.
Some people are now working from home and while working you don’t want to sit in silence. On
Mondays you can put your headphones on, blast through your computer speakers, Alexa or Apple home
pods. Either way, gone are the Monday Blues, this music will make you feel like a Monday Muse.
Tuesday’s music line up will have you bopping
Wednesday when you’re normally in a hump trying to get toward the end of the week, from morning to
evening you have a variety of friends to listen to. “The Sannette Nicole Experience” is Phenomenal.
Interviews and fashion tips that will make you look at clothing and shopping differently. The “JP SHOW”
will wake you ALL THE WAY UP, with laughter so hard you will wonder where the time went. Later that
day, for our sports fans “Straight From the Block” is a conversation you will WANT to be a part of. These
gentlemen have a variety of thoughts and intellectual opinions, your head space will be longing for the
next conversation.
Thursday’s music line up will get you ready for the weekend.
Friday jumps off with “Not Right, Not Wrong”. This group of Gentlemen and Lady will have you smiling
while giving you thought provoking topics relating to today’s issues in society. I love how the real topics,
which could sometimes make you angry, appear to be light and the various personalities make you see
the topics from different views.
You are home on a Friday night, and you turn on the radio and get you a beverage of choice and listen to
“Music and Me”. Harlem Honey will have you reminiscing on the good ol days or making you wish you
were there. All while dancing around your house as if you went to the club/bar. lol
Saturdays after cleaning your house to some great Saturday morning music. The Beauty Cave comes
through your sound waves with shaking your head moments of the social media world. Discussions
about a variety of topics that has happened over the week, whether on the news or social media these
ladies will talk about it. The difference in opinions between these two will have you chuckling.
Sundays tune in to DA Deevah Den Crew. Ms. Didtra and friends are boisterous and not afraid to tell it
like it is. You may agree to disagree but her honesty is at the forefront of any conversation. Ms. Didtra is
the Auntie in your head.
Overall, 92.6 The Spot has all the emotions you need. Some parts of the days will have you jamming and
jumping, and some parts will have you relaxing. One thing for sure, this team will have you laughing and
smiling throughout the week from music to conversations.
Tune in .. you wont regret it.
Newly added:
Ensure you read the Blogs Relisha, CEO and host of Moms who Grind will bring a parent’s perspective to
entrepreneurship. Which is hard but she makes it feel flawless and gets you motivated to start your own
grind. Daplano will bring you all things entertainment from music to sports.
Stay Tuned while I set the tone to get you ready to receive it all. You will not want to be anywhere else. There are various ways to listen to 92.6 WKBP so you wont miss a beat !
I am sure you’ll love it, as sure as I am MICA ELLIS !

Written by: Mica Ellis

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