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Not Right Not Wrong

Where you are neither right nor wrong

Hosts share their perspectives on a variety of topics from relationships to politics and everything in between. Honesty is paramount and consensus is not required.

My name is Marc T. Mills and in some form or fashion I have been involved in entertainment in various entities. I used to host a TV show named “Night on the Town Television” or NOTT TV. The show aired on public access in all boroughs. In addition, I was involved in the making of various short films in addition to modeling in various fashion shows. My current passion is DJ-ing and learning that great craft and contributing to it in grand fashion. I also give back to the community with a Toy and Coat Drive that My Brothers of The 244 Club host annually. One of my favorite quotes is “Everything in Life you will ever need, You already Have”. That is an amazing quote and keeps me in the right frame of mind going forward in the pursuit of each passion.



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