How Important is a Black Father to a childs success?

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I remember some time ago thinking to myself “who is Jordin Sparks, she can sing her ass off”.  I also recall thinking that isn’t a common name I wonder if she is related to someone I know.  Low & behold she is the daughter of Phillipe Sparks former Corner Back for the New York Football Giants.  Now I am not claiming that his success is directly responsible for her success, but it has to make you wonder, “were there some doors opened for her that would have normally been closed”?

Parents always want the best for their children and one way to ensure they have doors open that weren’t open for themselves is to make sure they are successful.  For example, would Eli & Peyton Manning have been as successful or as popular as they were coming into the NFL, if it wasn’t for Archi Manning’s football success?  If Richard Williams didn’t have such a detailed plan, would we ever have 2 of the greatest tennis players ever in history in Venus & Serena Williams??

Please note, I am NOT taking any credit away from Mothers & the important factors they bring to life & success i.e Pamela McGee, both her children, JaVale McGee & Imani McGee-Stafford made it to the NBA & WNBA. Way to go Mom! She may very well, fall into the same category of what I am writing about today, however, for the purpose of today’s thoughts I am simply speaking of Black Fathers’ success & their children.

Let’s dive a little bit deeper from a cultural standpoint.

Halo Epps has a popular podcast “I’m different” with his father Tauheed Epps aka 2 Chainz. Would anyone listen or would it have as many followers as possible if his father wasn’t 2 Chainz?

O’shea Jackson Jr. 1st big role as an actor was to portray his famous Father Ice Cube in a biopic of the rap group NWA.   Lil Romeo’s music career was catapulted after the success of his father Master P.

If Denzel Washington wasn’t one of the best Male Actors of my time would John David Washington have the same success or opportunities.  I believe that any successes that the Sasha & Malia Obama end up having will be directly connection to their parents & specifically the fact that their father Barack Obama was the President of the United States.

More examples of children success as a direct result of their father’s success are as follow:

Jaden & Willow Smith

Damian/Ziggy Marley

Damon Wayans Jr

Zoe Kravitz

Christian “King” Combs

Back to sports:

Dell Curry, comes to mind, who’s long NBA career as being one of the best shooters in the game, had Stephen Curry on the sideline, at the games with him, locker room and around all these NBA legends, he had to be bound for greatness, right?

Shedeur Sanders has been mentored by Tom Brady, was there any real chance of that happening if Deon “Primetime” Sanders wasn’t as great as he has been & as love & respected around the game of football?   Even when you think of the success of Lebron James, there has been a spotlight on Bronny James for quite some time.

I came across a podcast that spoke about the future AAU basketball and how with its current course all of the future high school draft picks will be legacy children thus making it harder and harder for the children without the resources & popularity of their parents.

So, to conclude, sometimes in life we can overcome the short comings of our parents, because of the misconception of the presence & importance of black fathers, I thought this was the perfect opportunity to show that how their presence matters & how there are plenty of examples of them not being a stereotype that society likes to portray.   I really can appreciate what we are seeing from Deon Sanders with his kids.  Shining a light on how he supports, believes, loves his 2 sons on & off the field.  As a result, he has gotten a lot of back lash from other college coaches & media.  I hope he doesn’t change not on bit.  I hope this sends a message to black men & women everywhere how important a father can be in a child’s life.  I believe Shedeur & Shilo know for sure if there’s one person that believes in them and won’t let them fail is their coach/father.

Feel free to comment on your thoughts regarding the roles our fathers play in our lives and did your own Father instill anything in you towards your success. Keep in mind sometimes you even gain success from bad parenting. It teaches you, if you pay attention to it. Were there any doors open for you or did you have to knock them down?

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